Login Issues
To log into myLane you must have in active account and provide a valid username and password. If you have not been enrolled in a class at Lane for 5 years, you will need to call Enrollment and Student Financial Services at 541-463-3100 for assistance with re-activating your account. Also, you must be using a recent version of a standard Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are having trouble logging in to the system, use the links below to determine possible problems.
  Forgot Password/PIN.
  Need your User ID or L Number?
  Supported browsers.
  If your account is reported as disabled.
  If all else fails
Questions about student issues? Find answers in myLane.
  • Questions about Enrolling in Classes? Find answers on the myEnrollment tab in myLane.
  • Questions about Financial Aid, Scholarships, or Student employment? Find answers on the myMoney tab in myLane.
  • Other questions about being a student at Lane? Go to AskLane on the myLane home tab and type in your question.
Forgot Password/PIN?
Go to ExpressLane login page (https://crater.lanecc.edu/banp/zwbkwbis.P_ForgotPin)
Follow the process below to obtain a new password/Pin:
  • Enter L-number
  • Click the Forgot Pin? button
  • Enter answer(s) to security question(s) that you provided for this purpose
  • Follow on-screen instructions for resetting your password
  • Logout of ExpressLane
  • Return to the MyLane login page
  • Enter your User Name (L-number) and your new password
  Supported browsers
   To log in and use the system effectively, you should be using the latest version of one of the following Internet browsers
  • Windows
      Internet Explorer 7 (do not install/enable ChromeFrame add-on)
      Internet Explorer 8 (do not use compatibility mode or ChromeFrame)
  • Macintosh
If you are trying to log in to the system using another browser, you may experience difficulties.

  Disabled Accounts
   If you enter your L# and password, but the system responds that your account is disabled follow one of the procedures below:
  • If your account is reported as disabled for repeated failed login attempts (more than 10), then just wait an hour and follow the forgot pin procedure.
  • If you are using an email address that someone else could already be using in their record with Lane, you will need to update your email address to an unique email address. Lane.s will only allow one person to use an email address. Use the link below to login and update your email address. Email Update form in Self-Service: https://crater.lanecc.edu/banp/twbkwbis.P_WWWLogin?ret_code=g
  • For all any other reasons, call Enrollment and Student Financial Services @541-463-3100 or send a email request to AskLane@lanecc.edu
If you have confirmed your L# and reset your password/pin, but still cannot log-in, call Enrollment and Student Financial Services @541-463-3100 or send a email request to AskLane@lanecc.edu.
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